• A few sites of EcuadorSea turtle in Galapagos, Shaman in Ecuadorian Amazonia in a real ayahuasca ceremony, Panoramic view of Quito, Ecuador's Capital, "world town complex' in Quito
  • CuencaView of the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, with it s many churches, on a cloudy day
  • ZumbahuaSaturday Market
A few sites of Ecuador1 Cuenca2 Zumbahua3

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Welcome to Ecuador Retreats

Seeking a transformative retreat?
Work with your Life Coach in Cuenca, Ecuador and Join us in April for You-phoria!
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Achieve your personal and business goals amidst an amazing Learning Adventure in South America!
Our Ecuador Coaching Retreats includes:

• 6-months of pre and post virtual coaching sessions to map out and achieve your goals with one of our outstanding, certified coaches. (Profiles below).
• Pick your dates for your 1-week retreat in Ecuador, featuring deluxe lodging, tours, transportation and meals.
• Develop self-awareness with an NBI Whole Brain Profile.
• Return home with a solid plan of action for identifying and realizing your dreams.
• Go from a dream to reality with accountability as you work with your coach throughout the year.
$3,500 (All inclusive) excludes airline transportation to Ecuador

Get a Taste of Creative Living & Culinary Bliss, Friday, April 20th 12 – 4 PM Challuabamba, Ecuador

A Transformational Workshop in Creative Living & Culinary Bliss”
“You-phoria: A state of complete happiness, heightened creativity and well being; Join International Speakers, Life Coaches and Chefs from the United States, South Africa, Ecuador and Ireland for this transformational workshop for mind, body and spirit. This event will include an appreciative culinary luncheon hosted by an expert in flavors and fragrances from South Africa.

Date: Friday, April 20th 12-4 PM
Location: Private Villa Challuabamba/Cuenca Ecuador*
Registration $45.00 (Includes Gourmet Culinary Tasting)
*Transportation provided from a central location in Cuenca

Here’s what you’ll learn and experience:

-How to cultivate your senses and intuition to create your own path to You-Phoria
-The Power of Positivity: techniques to shift your ratio of positives to negatives for a more balanced and positive life
-Discovering your personal archetype and creating your manifesto for personal happiness
-Experience the bliss of Biodanza and Laughter Yoga!
-Foodies rejoice—learn the art of appreciative tasting as you work with one of the world’s leading experts in flavor and fragrances.

Register today through pay pal. Space is limited!

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Dawn DePasqualeDawn DePasquale, Ph.D. United States

Over 10,000 people in North America, Europe, Great Britain, China, South Africa, Namibia and Dubai have been impacted by Dawn’s expert facilitation and leadership skills. An 11-year master trainer with the world famous Development Dimensions International (DDI), Dawn is a preferred consultant, coach and facilitator for Fortune 500 companies, NGO’s and premier universities including Hitachi, Yale University, Pepsico, Citibank and Johnson and Johnson. Dawn will be leading you through discovery of the creative problem solving process and activating optimism.

Eileen DoyleEileen Doyle, United States/Ireland

Eileen Doyle is the President of Deeper Dives, An author and specialist in projective techniques, Eileen will help you get un-stuck, think differently, and work together to solve problems and achieve personal goals.

Eileen is also a certified laughter leader and will be leading workshop participants through a discovery of their personal archetype and laughter yoga.

Marlies GrindlayMarlies Grindlay, South Africa

Marlies is a specialist in sensory evaluation and conducts consumer research across Sub-Saharan Africa building on understanding of local food culture and lifestyles. A lifelong learner with a keen interest in helping people connect with their inner core, Marlies will help you develop new ways of thinking and being more authentic using culinary appreciation. Marlies will be leading workshop participants through a sensory experience in biodanza

Rosemary ReinRosemary Rein, Ph.D, Ecuador/Costa Rica/United States

Rosemary is the Author of “Go Wild! Survival Skills for Business and Life” and Co-Author of “Blueprint for Success” with Dr. Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. A life-long advocate of creative education and learning, Rosemary is a recipient of the Beyonder Award for her contributions to the field of creativity. Rosemary brings 15 years in the operation of boutique hotels and restaurants in North and Latin America and will be designing a culinary experience at her home in Challuabamba to delight your senses.

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